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Servo jitter/judder

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Re: Servo jitter/judder

Post by RobbieB »

Any servo that behaved like that would be the last thing I'd be putting in a model, with or without masking tape.

What happens when it gets hot.........or cold?

Re: Servo jitter/judder

Post by Barry_Cole »

RobbieB wrote: 16 Sep 2020, 18:06 What happens when it gets hot.........or cold?
It will be Hotter or Colder......??

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

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Re: Servo jitter/judder

Post by BrettW »

Hi Guys

A few years ago I had similar jittering problems with a small batch of new servos from a respected and well-known brand when building a new competition model. After investigation it turned out that due to a change in manufacturing technique the pot on the output shaft could now be relatively easily disturbed by even slight twisting pressure on the case, resulting in very twitchy behaviour indeed. Even the replacements supplied behaved in the same manner! (I changed brand at this point.) So what you've found about pressure on the servo case with your errant example sounds entirely feasible.

I guess the real question is whether it's a one-off, or a potential problem with the design itself.

Cheers, Brett
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