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Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.**

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.**

Post by Trevor »

I can't recall what the design weight is for this model but those wings do carry weight pretty well - and if there is an issue with the tailplane incidence, it can be trimmed out with the elevator, so hopefully your pessimism is misplaced.

Either way, it's looking great. Good luck with the maiden.
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Max Wright
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Re: Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.**

Post by Max Wright »

Thanks, Trevor.

The rear stabiliser is adjustable as well - provided we can get up and down in one piece. I built it according to the plan, so it will be a good starting place.

Yours came in at around 5 kg, so this build is a new interpretation.

I'm hoping that our long runway will give us a chance to get a good look in.

Adam C
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Re: Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.**

Post by Adam C »

I use wing cube loading to assess a models performance to take account of scale.

Yours comes in as 7.3 , so the same as a trainer/light sports model. Perfect.
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