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Bowlus Super Albatross

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Peter Balcombe
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Re: Bowlus Super Albatross

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A bit more work done on the RH wing in preparation for applying the wing skins.
In addition to sanding the various areas of wood flush, balsa doublers have been fitted just behind the main spar web at root & tip to support the skins.
An 1/8” Sq spruce spar has also been let into position 30.9mm behind the spar web in the brake area to support the upper skin in this area. (The plan shows this support spar, but no slots in the ribs. I’m sure this will be sorted in further kits).
Also shown below is the aluminium wing retention tongue between the root ribs. This needs to be fitted before the upper root skin is fitted.

As can be seen below, the upper D box skin has also now been fitted. (Possible using 2 lengths from a 4ft sheet)
Brake area skin support spar
Brake area skin support spar
Wing retention tongue
Wing retention tongue

I have also fitted balsa support blocks at the aileron hinge poisons & epoxied Dubro#257 hinges to these prior to fitting the skin strips over them. (Brass hinge split pins used during fixing, but now removed until the aileron has been separated from the wing).
Aileron hinge fitting
Aileron hinge fitting
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