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1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 16 Dec 2022, 22:47
by John Fairbairn
As soon as the weather warms a bit I can get my Salto sprayed up and finished. Then I have the RM plan and the 1974 RM magazine it came from.

A long time back I got the plan and almost what seems to be the ready cut balsa bits. Although there are 12 ribs in each wing and 18 i the cut kit? So that's got me thinking? Don't worry, I'm sat down and strapped in :shock:

It's all hand cut, long before laser cutting, and looks good. I'm looking forward to nailing it all together.

I also had some good news today.. Mid September I had an abscess in the middle of my back cut open and drained and haven't been able to get any further than the local Primary Care Centre. That was for almost 89 dressing and hole packing sessions and it has meant not being able to get out because I could put any pressure on it! BUT today I was told that now all is fine and I can start to get out again :D

Happy bunny John !!!

Re: 1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 18 Jan 2023, 10:25
by Frank Stock
Hi John, good to hear you are doing well. How is your progress on the Slingsby? 1/5 scale is a good size. Less time building. Less cost. Fitting on a small building board. And taking less space in the hangar.
CHEERS Franz some pictures would be great!

Re: 1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 22 Jan 2023, 11:29
by chris williams
John, by a coincidence, this was the 1st scale glider I ever built... I would recommend, though, changing the wing section to something more modern. 8-)

Re: 1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 29 Jan 2023, 12:09
by John Fairbairn
Thank you folks. I'm sorry I haven't been very active on this, but I will try to catch up with some photos.

Chris, I bought the kit and plan from a mate of mine better part of 20 years ago and it came with a set of fuz formers, wing ribs and bent wire for the cupola and other bits, so unless I start again with the the wing ribs I'm tied to the Phil Scaife's March 1974 Radio Modeller plan section and I'm not too keen on that idea. Something that surprised me is the ¼" balsa forward fuz sides! But that's what is on the plan.

I found it really awkward building the fuz as a lump rather than in 2 halves and had to sort out all sorts of temporary cross bracing to get it to stay straight, but I think I got it right, I hope.

Anyway, I have just been trying to find the photos of the build so far, but due to me not being too well from mid Aug to just before Christmas caused by a rather large abscess smack in the middle of my back followed by another under a tooth! I have been taking photos but gawd knows where they are :shock:

But I do have a question. I am trying to fathom out how to get the wing servo wires up the cupola and connected in to the wing? I don't want to have them dangling about over the second drivers seat. I want to use 2 X 9 pin 'D' plug/socket connectors. The same as I have used on my Habicht (still not maidened yet! )

Any ideas how this could be done. Oh, I do have a driver.

Re: 1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 23 Jul 2023, 14:31
by John Fairbairn
I will be posting some more photos soon, I hope?

Meanwhile I am having a bit of a problem with the covering. I have used Blenderm tape for the aileron hinges and Diacov 1000 for the covering. and am having a problem because the Diacov will not stick on to the blenderm tape! I have tried the iron hotter, about 140ºC, and cooler, about 115ºC, but it will not stick. I am more than reluctant to strip off the Diacov to remove the Blenderm and I seem to be stuck?

I had thought of wiping the tape over with some acetone but I can't reach most of it to do that anyway as it only became apprent after I had got mose of the Diacov on and as I said, I have no wish to start stripping it off.

Any i deas would be very gratefully received folks :?

Re: 1/5 Slingsby T-31

Posted: 23 Jul 2023, 17:01
by chris williams
Can't quite get my head around what you are saying...a photo might make things clearer?