Ray Jones

My model Rhonbussard shows off her finished liveryTail end of the Rhonbussard. The lettering was done with the aid of a vinyl cutter and then split into two pieces to get the different coloursThe Rhonbussard now painted and looking good. The fuselage was covered in nylon and the wings and tail in Solartex antique with sprayed on dopeThe model of the Rhonbussard and was built from my own drawings and is to 1/4 scale. The airframe displayed by my wife Ann is complete and just waiting for covering and painting.Rhonbussard 1Rhonbussard 2Rhonbussard 3Rhonbussard 4

Full size inspiration!

Rhonbussard 5

The real thing? The full size Rhonbussard at Lleweni Park near Denbigh and the one from which Ray took is inspiration.

Rhonbussard 6

The full size again