See Adler plan

by Jilles Smits

This model spans 4.96 Meters and is NOT for the novice builder. The model shown includes extra detail from photographs, including the ropes attached to the side of the fuselage for mooring protection and panel lining. The original plans call for the fuselage to be created from 1.6mm ply, but because of the problems with the curvature on the underside at the rear of the water surface area, I covered it twice with 0.6mm ply. This had a benefit of allowing me to create scale panel line joins on the top surface and proved of great benefit.

seadler model 1

seadler model 2

seadler model 3

seadler model 4
seadler model 5
seadler model 6

Seeadler Model s
seadler model 8

seadler model 7

And finally, some flying shots

2018 06 Middle Wallop big 0012018 06 Middle Wallop big 0012018 06 Middle Wallop big 0062018 06 Middle Wallop big 014

2018 06 Middle Wallop big 0052018 06 Middle Wallop big 0072018 06 Middle Wallop big 0082018 06 Middle Wallop big 013

With many thanks to Chris Williams for the super video.

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