Slingsby Logos

Here are sets of logos for the old and more modern Slingsby gliders. It is difficult to decide at what date the changeover of the Logos took place as some gliders, following a makeover used the incorrect logo for the year of build. However, it is reasonable to assume that the change took place during the 1938 / 1939 period.

The zip files were prepared by Rob Bridson and contain the following :-

Drawings in Adobe Illustrator format
Drawings in .eps format
1:2 scale jpg
1:3.5 scale jpg
1:3 scale jpg
1:4 scale jpg
1:5 scale jpg

Click the logos below to download the zip files

slingsby logo old 1-3.5

Old Slingsby Logo Drawn by Rob Bridson

Slingsby logo modern 1-3.5

Modern Slingsby Logo Drawn by Henryk Kobylanski