Snow Towing

from Chris Garrod

Barry Cole wrote in a forum that his ambition is to aerotow off snow – I enclose some pics from last winter taken at my local Swiss flying site.The tug is a 2.3m Cub with a 26cc twin cylinder OS Gemini; the glider a 5 Kg 5m Cumulus.The skis are shortened Rossignol childrens skis, attached through a wooden block to the wheel axles and held slightly ‘nose up’ by coil springs, similarly for the tail ski although it has a ‘blade’ for better grip. The Cumulus had an aluminium plate temporarily fiited over its main skid.

Towing was no problem – very scale like with the rather low power of the Cub! We also tried towing from a tail attachment which was OK at low level close in but very difficult at altitude.The strange tracks in the snow are made by the skis and the 2 downward pointing exhaust pipes!

IMGP0929 01

IMGP0949 01

IMGP0950 01