Gary Page with his 1/3 scale Cub powered by DLE 100cc at Ashridge farm 2014

Titan II

Titan II

This one is powered by a 3W55US which gives vertical performance and is a delight to fly for towing or sport flying and makes an ideal first Tug.

Plans from:
Steve Vine, 56 St Michaels Ave, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4
Tel 01935 429188

John Greenfield – Super Greenley


This is a very simple to build model with the fuz made from 0.8mm ply with 3mm ply doublers at the front and 10mm sq balsa longerons and cross pieces at the rear. the tails surfaces are all soft 1/2″ sheet balsa and the wings are foam.
The model is very stable but with high control throws is quite aerobatic. The big fat wing gives superb slow flight ability and with the addition of flaps can be landed at walking pace. Fitted with a Zenoah 62 and a minipipe this model will happily tow vintage or glass models up to 20kg
Wingspan 88″

Plans available from
John Greenfield
Little Acre
WD25 8NR
Tel 01923 857009 after 7.30pm

Price £12 + 1.45 p&p
Weight 7.5kg
Motor 60 to 80cc

Foam wings available from most of the wing cutters who advertise in the model mags

The SDD Greenley is an enlargement of this very successful Super Greenley and specially designed for 100cc motors to tow the biggest gliders. It has a built up 100″ wing which breaks into 2 pieces for easy transport.

Free download plans for both models are available from the “Tug Plans” section of this website.

Stuart Mackay – Let Z-37 Cmelak


Fitted with a Mackay 250cc 5 cylinder Radial Engine turning a 35 inch prop, AUW 25kg

Wingspan 3.58 m (12ft)

The plane and engine are available from Stuart Mackay Models. Full details of this kit are available on his website
Motor 90 – 215cc

Stuart Mackay – Robin

Stewart Mckay Robin

Here is my Robin, 2.8m span which has visited the inaugural TVSA and Sandhays events.
All moulded powered by Mackay 90 Twin, 26/10 Menz 3 Blade, KS mufflers, weighs 35 lb. Usually seen with a wayward Blanik chasing it around the sky..

The plane and engine are available from Stuart Mackay Models.

Stuart Mackay – Wilga 1:5 scale

Wilga 1/5 scale
All moulded 1/5 scale 90 inch span, 20 lbs fitted with Mackay 30-45 cc and available from Stuart Mackay Models.

Dave Emmitt – Telemaster

Dave Emmitt Telemaster
Telemaster 95″ span all built up construction. Available from Hobby Lobby. Powered by Super Tigre 2000 25cc Fueled by Model Technics Big Brute.
Just Engines Purple Pipe fitted. Well worth it for the extra gain in power.
Prop 18×6 wood. AUW. under 7Kgm
Largest models towed to date CW. Minimoa, Pat Teakle ASW 20. Top Rippin Fox. MPX ASH 26. MPX Alpina. Flair ASK 8.
Super stable in the air but doesn’t like cross wind on ground.

Dave Hoare – Wilga 1:4 scale

Dave Hoare Wilga 1/4 scale
This is the 1/4 scale version of the ubuiquitos Frisch Wilga. Now in its tenth year is capable of towing up most of the gliders which visit our aerotows. It spans almost 3 metres and weighs in at 35lbs so it has stability and with its long gangly legs is unmistakeable in the air. Powered by a DA 100, for noise and general towing a 28 by 10 prop seems best. Futaba is the radio link and an Emcotec dual rx/ servo interface is the onboard equipment. Electricity comes from three batteries; two 2.7amp for the Emcotec and one 2.5amp driving the ignition. Krumscheid silencers keep the noise very low.
The model is not the easeist to build build, Alex Frisch leaves a good deal of the construction to the individual builder, but the quality is excellent. Decals were supplied by Tony Wood and the model is loosely based on a Polish glider tug-what else!.

Steve Schafer – Swiss Trainer MD3-150

Steve Schafer Swiss Trainer
The fuselage is made by Guenter Wallus and the wings are made from Thomas Budszus. The wing span is 3 metres with a MVVS 116 up the front with plenty of power in it. It turns a 30×10 prop. It has 2 synth receivers in it powered by 2 6v 4300 milli amp batterys with a 6v battery on the ignition.It also has a 12 channel emcotec installed in it.

The flight characteristics are very good, a very good stall rate on it. All it does is slowly drifts to the right, for landing if you drop the flaps down it comes in at walking pace. Overall it is a excellent plane and I am hoping to fly it more this year.

Elliot Howells – Frisch Wilga 1:4 scale

Elliot Howells Wilga
Another , 1/4 scale Frisch Wilga

Quite a ‘mature’ model this one, but full of new hardware. :-
Powerbox Evolution for Rudder, Elevators, Ailerons, Flaps and TOST tow release. Two 3300mAh batteries, locking toggle switches and a servo on the ign kill switch. JR 10 ch Synth SPCM rx.

Engine is MVVS 58cc, which is awsome and this year I have the matched cannister instead of the cr@p JMB one I was using. I have 3 blade props 24*10 and 22*10 for noise sensitive sites, but a good old JXF 24*10 seems to work really well with this engine.

Flight reports are found elsewhere as I’ve not had the privilege yet, but hope to do some serious towing this year.

Chris Morrison – Greenley

Chris Morrison Greenley
The Tug is based on the Greenley design.The main changes are:Plug in wings and the span stretched to 100″ span, Carbon U/C, Powered By 3W-70i with tuned muffler. Weight 26lbs

Plans available from
John Greenfield
Little Acre
WD25 8NR
Tel 01923 857009 after 7.30pm

Price £12 + 1.37

Etienne Dodane – Own Design

Etienne Dodane Own Design
The tug was a personal design made out of salvaged 1/3 scale Spitfire uncompleted when I was living in Germany. Two tugs have been made in the club that way and mine powered by 3W70 boxer with carbon 22×10 tri blades + KS tuned pipes
All metallic HT servos are fitted, but non digital, SM Services opto insulator and battery backer on a Futaba R319DPS, 2 batt 6V 2400 +1 4.8v 2400, +1 3400, 2.4v ignition

Wing span 3.3 meters with flaps and app. and weighs in at 17kg which is on the heavy side for that kind of engine. However, the combination of plenty of wing surface and the long tail, as well as its extremely gentle behavior, has made this tug an absolute treat to fly with and very useful for all kind of gliders from small to glass-ships weighing as much as 18 kg (39.6lb)

Etienne Dodane – Cessna BirdDog 305

Etienne Dodane Birddog
The 1:3 scale Cessna BirdDog 305 from Rosenthal/Aeroglide, who sadly are no longer trading. It is powered by a 3W 150cc engine and 3W 32×10 prop with 3W pipes, weighing 24kg (needs CAA approval)
Wing Span 3.5m length 2.5m, with 80 deg flaps. All servos are HS 23kg 1/4 scale size metal gears SMS services dual receivers Buddy box, with 2 Batt 6V 2400 + 2 Batt 4.8v 2400 + 1×4.8v 3400 ignition
This tug is ZEE best alternative tug to the ”way-too-much-seen” Wilga in the high specs range. (1/3 scale with 150 kinds of engines)

Emilly Hooper – Bellanca Decathlon

Emilly Hooper Bellanca Decathlon
The Bellanca Decathlon. It has been built from the Fliegerland kit and has just completed it’s 6 flights under the LMA Over 20kg Scheme. Powered by DA150cc with a wingspan of 4mtrs it should make light work of towing

Barry Cole – Piper Cub

Barry Cole The Cub
1/4 Scale piper cub, based on the Toni Clark plan. It was originally built in 1998/9 by Colin Bond. I flew it at one of the meetings that we had at Lasham, and subsequently bought it from him.

It originally suffered from not having enough side thrust, and this contributed to it’s first demise at the Caen Aerotow the following year, trying to tow up CW’s Petrel. (Heavy, no wheel, and a cross wind). I re-built it and put in the correct side thrust, which greatly improved things. It has subsequently been damaged a few times, mainly due to my unfailing ability to get the tow line caught on anything within a 100 mile radius of where I am landing. The cub’s notorious ability to bounce on landing, and my own inability to land it well, have been the downfall of more propellers than I like to remember. Suffice it to say I usually buy them 6 at a time. However as I probably do more take offs and landings in a day than most sport fliers do in a couple of months I guess it will go wrong now and again. I would estimate the total number of tows over the years to be getting on for 1000. I wish I had a log book for it. Yesterday we towed CWs new Schweizer. This entailed about 20 tows, and then a race for the ground, so that I could take Video and photographs of CW doing his stuff. never say a tug pilots life is easy.

The cub has a span of 109 inches, weighs about 25 Lbs, and is powered by a Zenoah Z62. Producing about 4.25BHP. I can tow gliders up to about 30Lbs, depending on the glider, and the glider pilot.

Bill Maisey – Wot-ever

The Wotever came to me as a bare airframe salvaged from the depths of Dungeon Bond (Colin’s garage) for just a couple of Pony’s.

I set to work by making a few mods and adding the following ingredients …

ZDZ 80cc with Krumshied muffler, Dubro tank with fittings, Biela 27×10 carbon, Hitec & Graupner servos, JR PCM receiver, 2700mah NmHi x 3, SM Battery Backer, Fema wheels, plus a few other tricks of the trade. Not much change out of a couple of Monkey’s there then ..?

The most useful feature has to be the “FLIP”… No really …!!
The Fuel Level Inspection Port consists of a hole in the side of the fuselage where you can check the fuel level in the tank as you taxi past, brilliant …!! There is also a “BLIP” in the top of the fuselage. Work it out everyone.

It is true to say there have been some issues with engine starting. I have suffered much verbal from one or two flight line hecklers, you know who you are. I’m happy to report that all issues are now resolved (I was doing it wrong) and I wish I hadn’t just said that …

The Wotever is a formidable tug that safely tows all but the very heaviest gliders. It is a little tricky when towing the lightest ¼ scale models and would benefit from flaps in this respect. It is great fun to operate a well sorted, little tugging machine such as this, I’d recommend it to anyone … Bill

Graham Stanley – Jodel Robin from Airworld

Jodel Robin
Partly built by Chris Strong and Stuart McKay, “completed” by myself, my first “proper” tug. Copes with a wide range of conditions, fairly easy to fly.

The model as is 1/3 scale model specifically designed for towing. by Airworld. The Motor is a King 100cc boxer twin. Prop is 25×12 3 blade Biela, Pipe / Krumscheid silencer RPM not measured yet. Starts nicely, sounds super. Glass fibre baffles (PC board) fitting into the front of the cowl to ensure all the air going into the cowl travels via the engine. Bags of power, I will investigate when I have more hours on it, but vertical climb seems quite likely. This is the first prop I have tried, there might be scope for improvement with size and engine mixtures etc. However, I like it as it is, not stopped when it shouldn’t yet and is very quiet and “scale” noise…..

Some servos might need an upgrade from the current Hitec various types, but I can stall most with my fingers rather too easily for comfort. Nose wheel now on a Multiplex Rhino.

Ignition power 4 cell 3,700mAhr, radio power 2 x 4,900 2cell LiPo via PowerBox Sensor electronic switch / regulators.
Rx Multiplex IPD 12ch. Servos assorted Hitec except Multiplex Rhino on nosewheel.

Martin Tigg – Red Bull

Martin Tigg Redbull
Martins’ Bull has had a 3.5 month rebuild and is fitted with a Zenoah 62 with tuned pipe, MPX radio and Futaba servos.

James Hindle – Graupner Taxi 2400

James Hindle Graupner Taxi 2400
My Tug is fitted with an Axi 5245/16 swinging a 23×10 Xoar prop. The speed controller is a Jeti spin 99 and there are 12 10,000maH lipos fuelling her. We get 6 300m tows out of a charge and she pulls 16lb gliders easy. We fly from the North Leeds Model Flying Club . Thie followingYoutube video shows me pulling a Pat Teakle Vega

I know electric tugs aren’t common but due to our location we can only fly electrics or four strokes and as large four strokes are not readily available we went down the electric route.

Philip Pearson – NOTWOT

NotwotNOTWOT is powered by a Zanoah 62 and will pull most things up to third scale.

Built with a Glass fuz and foam flying surfaces. No flaps because it doesn’t need them

Kevin Routledge – Cessna 188 AGwagon

It was built from a Rainer Vogt part kit from Germany. Wingspan is 2.86m. and I fitted a Zenoah Z62 engine, with Easystart.

The stressed parts of the fuselage, and the landing gear area, have been strengthened internally with carbon/kevlar cloth, and the model flies as if on rails, but with a fair aerobatic ability.

It tows up 4 and 5m. gliders with ease, but I only rarely fly as no-one is interested in aerotowing where I am situated, so I am limited to when my copilot is available – rather a waste of a superb tug!