A Visit to TUN Modellbau

by Phil Hoegger

Tun Modellbau- a great little family concern that has grown over the years into what I consider to be the best model shop for the glider enthusiast by far! There is a fantastic selection of gliders in stock ready to buy off the shelf, from huge scale beauties to the latest in F3B/J/F.

In fact Tun stands for Trudi and Ueli Nyffenegger or as Ueli put it after I watched him thrash his 6m ASH 26 to within an inch of the life of it`s carbon spars, “Tested by Ueli Nyffenegger” Trudi looks after the books and the ordering while Ueli get`s to play with all the toys! I mean get`s to check the stock levels, quality control and customer liason.

The shop is in the village of Sarmenstorf about 50 mins by train and bus from Zurich main station and on a family visit over Christmas last year I thought I can`t miss the opportunity to pay a visit. I was very interested to have a look at a couple of models that I knew had just arrived. The new 8m Duo Discus from H modell in the Czech Rep and the 7.2m ASW28/18 from HKM.

On arriving at the Christmas event I was directed by Trudi to a large table and told to help myself to coffee and nibbles. There was a screen showing videos of the events that Tun has organised plus of coarse the models they sell. There was current F3B world champion Andreas Bohlen answering questions on his winning model the Crossfire. The team fromEMS were showing their latest selection of a rather nice Janus and Nimbus 4D. Just about every corner of the shop was filled with stock, a special effort by Ueli to display as much as possible as he knows winter is the time people look for new projects to build.

The Duo from H modell has been a no compromise approach, it`s the full size shrunk to 8m! The wings are very solid with a perfect finish and a spar joiner system the same as the full size. The fuz and canopy also have a perfect fit with a nice cockpit lay out and a hefty retract installed. This really will be an imposing model in the air with a performance to match!

The ASW28/18 was also beautiful with perfect moulded wings and a large steel joiner.

The ASW 28/18 was also beautiful with perfect wings and a large 22mm steel wing joiner. Infact the quality of the moulding is so crisp it has the feel of a very large F3b machine. Flying weight is just over 17Kg with a span of 7.2m. The fuz is 2.65m long and the wing profiles are chosen by Helmut Quabeck. First reports of the flight handling are very good with a speed range easily over the 100mph mark and good thermaling qualities due to the high aspect ratio and winglets. I have to say for me personally the ASW 28/18 is the most drop dead gorgeous of all the 18m ships out there at the moment.

So a real Aladdin`s cave of tasty plastic if thats your thing. Too many to mention here in detail but things that caught my eye were.- 6m Fox from Fleigerland, 6m ASH 26 with up and go installed from LET, Ventus 2c with up and go from LET, 5.66m all carbon DG600, 10 kits from Tangent including 3.2m Kult 5m Vortex, DG600, Alpina and ASH26, All carbon 5.33m Duo discus 7m Janus 2b and 7m Nimbus 4d from EMS, plus a fist full of various F3b ships. All under one roof!! I had to be dragged away screaming or miss the last bus home, Doh!!

To finish off an already a perfect trip was the very kind offer by Chris Garrod of the SSUKSSS (that`s Swiss sub section) to join him for a fly over the Alps to Locarno for pizza, WOW!! The weather was perfect, and the views quite simply stunning! Thanks Chris I will remember that flight for a very long time to come!

Phil Hoegger

Phil’s photos from TUN