The WEIHE model plans

by Martin Simons

Weihe model 1

Three years ago I used this plan drawn to 1:4 scale for the build of my Weihe. I preferred a larger version and so increased the scale to 1:3.5. The model has great performance and shows no signs of any problems in flight and is a sheer delight to have in my arsenal. All the detailed information to add that extra touch to your model can be sourced from the original drawings found on the Documentation page. Martin has also built himself two models from this plan so you can be sure of good results. Further down the page is a 1:4 scale model from the plan with the same livery and William reports that it flies really well.
Weihe model 1

The next two photos are of a 1:4 scale build by William Hoek of Cape Town

Weihe model 3
Weihe model 4
Weige model 5

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